Hawaii 2006

Thanks Tim!


Aloha Arrival!

Do we look like we have been traveling for 23 hours? The scent of fresh Plumeria revives the spirit of Aloha!

Kailua Beach

This spot is aproximately 362.56 paces from Tim's living room.

Lookin out the front door

The Spine of Oahu from Tim's home.

Aloha Cycling

Exploring the Sandwich Islands by Beach Cycle took some getting used to.

Tourists taking in Kanehoe Bay

And some unusually good looking tourists indeed!

See Hawaii the Kailua Hillbilly way

One if by land, the other if by sea. . .

Local surfboard transportation.

Waikiki Evening

Diamond Head to the East.

Diamond Head

This volcano looks out over Waikiki and Honolulu.

Manoa Falls

This is the Spirit of Aloha at its finest!

North Shore Hawaii, classic "pose"

The Spine of Oahu is volcanic mountains with steep cliffs on the north (windward) side, looking a lot like this. . .

The blue Pacific meets the Hawaiian islands in some spectacular scenery.

This is Hawaii-Kai

Kaneohe Bay on the north side of Ohau.

Marines in Paradise

USMC H Kaneohe Bay, where Marines surf and work on their tan, before saving the free world.

When in Hawaii- - - Take lots of pictures!

Aloha Jeepster

Transportation in the tropics demands a laid-back machine, 1950 Willys.

Kahana Bay State Park

Hawaiian landscape

Hawaiian Landscape

Hawaiian Seascape

The interior, pineapples and bananas, oh my!

Do you like pineapples?

How do you like THOSE pineapples?

Dolewhip pineapple split- split 3 ways (only one cameraman).

1 plant, 1 fruit every 20 months. Pineapple deserves respect!

Kahuna and Binky, in a Banyan Tree.

The host with Aloha shows off the Island.

The Lanikai comminity and Mokulula Islands

Home for actors and artists, Lanikai is THE suburban comminuity for Kailua.

Feeling like Thor Heyerdahl, Helen and Gary kayaked across open ocean to reach this Pacific island.

It took almost 20 minutes into a headwind!

We hiked across the ridge, for breathtaking views.

Hawaiian Sunrise over Popoia (Flat) Island.

Dawn over Kailua Beach.

There are a few benefits to a six hour time difference.

Island Explorers Jeremy & Erin

Jeremy & Erin

Photo Op

Mother and Daughter

Hike to a waterfall was an adventure we call "When good guidebooks get it bad."

Everyone got lost, everyone got wet, everyone got hurt, everyone had fun.

Picture perfect scenery

This hole in the reef was the result of a tsunami a few years


One of the most beautiful and expensive highways in America. The H-3

Snorkling Haven

Where the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a come swiming by.

Hawaiian State Capital Building

Not your typical domed edifice

Open to the public, and the tradewinds,

The capital building has an unconventional rotunda.

Big Tree

'Iolani Palace,

Built in 1882 by the last King of Hawai`i, King Kalakaua. The only royal residence in America, and pride of the Hawai'ian kingdom, `Iolani Palace had electricity and telephones installed years before the White House.

What about the historical stuff? Click here for Pearl Harbor.



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